Can we use openai to create a bot based on an excel file?

Hello , i have an excel file dedicated to project management with multiple sheets, each sheet is dedicated for a project, inside every single sheet we have gantts , showing progress of a project using colors and some kpi ( pending, on go , done …) , can we build a prompt or a simple bot who can answer questions from this excel file using open ai api ?
example : which projects are pending ? for project “A” where do we have a problem ? who’s in charge of project ‘B’ …

Have you proven this out by uploading to ChatGPT and asking those questions?

If so, maybe!

You could try uploading it to the Assistant API in the Playground and trying that …

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Yes! This is indeed possible using code interpreter and the Assistants API, you can see what file types different tools support here:


Thank you for your answer, can this api understand colors ? since some cells are colored ( green refers to done , red declined…)

All depends if the colour information for each cell is included with the in formation available to code interpreter, presumably the decision to make a cell red/green is available in the cell logic, so that could be extracted and a decision made on that rule and the vales of the cells.

Best thing to do is experiment.

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Can open ai assistant recognize colors in cells ? since some colors refers to the project status.