Open ai api for gantt project management

Hello, can we use open ai api to create gantts for project management in an excel file and also retrieve data from this excel file by prompting ( retrieve data like project current situation , people in charge , optimization opportunities …)
Thanks .

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Sure possible!

The opportunities are virtually endless.

If you don’t mind that you won’t have 100% accuracy (which you don’t have with humans either) you should be good to go.

this isn’t excel, but a gantt chart nonetheless.

    title Mobile Application Development Timeline
    dateFormat  YYYY-MM-DD
    section Planning
    Market research           :done,    des1, 2024-03-01, 3d
    Feature listing           :         des2, after des1, 4d
    section Design
    UI/UX Design              :         des3, after des2, 5d
    Mockups and Prototyping   :crit,    des4, after des3, 5d
    section Development
    Front-end development     :         des5, after des4, 10d
    Back-end development      :         des6, after des5, 10d
    API integration           :         des7, after des6, 5d
    section Testing
    Unit testing              :         des8, after des7, 5d
    Integration testing       :         des9, after des8, 5d
    User acceptance testing   :         des10, after des9, 4d
    section Deployment
    Deployment to production  :         des11, after des10, 3d
    App store submission      :         des12, after des11, 4d