Can we use ChatGPT output inside other commercially-available creative works?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to use ChatGPT generated output in other commercially available works (specifically a videogame). For example, would it be a violation of TOS, or other copyright law, if I asked ChatGPT to create a poem, or a news article, or some other type of fictional content, and then use that within a commercially available game?

The Content-3a section of the TOS leads me to believe this is OK (text below), but if I ask ChatGPT this question it says it’s not ok. Does anyone here have any insight?

Here is the relevant section of the TOS:

(a) Your Content . You may provide input to the Services (“Input”), and receive output generated and returned by the Services based on the Input (“Output”). Input and Output are collectively “Content.” As between the parties and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you own all Input. Subject to your compliance with these Terms, OpenAI hereby assigns to you all its right, title and interest in and to Output. This means you can use Content for any purpose, including commercial purposes such as sale or publication, if you comply with these Terms. OpenAI may use Content to provide and maintain the Services, comply with applicable law, and enforce our policies. You are responsible for Content, including for ensuring that it does not violate any applicable law or these Terms.