Can we source data to the free version?

Dear developers,
As a researcher on nutrient recovery techniques in Europe, I’m involved with projects pushing the state of the art. We focus strongly on techniques with a positive social and envrionmental impact. In these projects, a key aspect is communication of the findings (open source research). We notice that people more and more use Chat GPT to ‘google’ information, making Chat GPT a powerful facilitator of knowledge dissimination. Would it be possible to add reports and findings to the free available database, and how would that be done? We would be open to discuss a certain fee that would be required to cover the effort ChatGPT puts into this. In this way you can help the adaptation of innovation towards a better world.

Kind regards

I would take a look at OpenAI Data Partnerships and submit your interest.

Keep in mind that they are likely flooded with applications, so it may be a while before you hear anything back (if at all).

The easiest way to get your data into ChatGPT seems to be just publishing it on the internet :laughing: