Can we add user timezone in the request header?

Hi everyone,

I am building a plugin that needs the time of the user. I know we get the iso code in the request header, but converting the hundreds of ISO codes to timezones seemed like a poor work around to me (would love to be told that it is not a poor workaround :slight_smile: ). I have not found or thought of an elegent solution of going from ISO codes to timezones.

However I am able to get the timezone from the browser on sign up in the oauth workflow using

const userTimeZone = Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions().timeZone;

But if I use this value and the user changes time zones or the browser api is incorrect then the user will always have incorrect time, since plugin sign-in only happens once.

Please let me know if we can add this to the request header, if not, anyone have any solutions how I can manager global users and user timezones? I can use the timezone data I have for now, but I will not be covering the case where the timezone data is out of date due to the user moving.


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If you have a reliable way of converting the ISO code to time zone why not.