Can not get the desire answer after train the model

I have a huge descriptive document. I want to fine tune my model such a way that if some one ask some question the system will generate the answer by going through the predefined document.

What I have Done.
I have convert my entire document as question and answer in which the questions are in prompt and the answer is in completion.I have done some separation also to segregate the prompt and completion.
Here are one example of prompt and completion.

{“prompt”: “Question:What are the objectives of an Underwriter?\n\nAnswer:\n\n”, “completion”:" The objectives of an Underwriter are to identify and verify income available to meet the mortgage payment, other shelter expenses, debts and obligations, and family living expenses; and to evaluate whether the verified income is stable and reliable, anticipated to continue during the foreseeable future, and sufficient in amount. END" }

Following is my data

But I cant get the proper answer after train the model.