Can not create fine tuning job based on existing fine tuned model

My first purpose is to reduse costs of training model, because my application needs to update “training base” very dynamicly by “adding” of 10-20 requests each time

I thought that I can somehow add new dataset to existing models dataset, but then I figured that now OpenAI do not support this ability. After that I searched for opportunities to train new model by using previous model “reference”

But now when I am doing request to OpenAI API - I got such responce

    "error": {
        "message": "Model ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613:{org}::{id} is not available for fine-tuning or does not exist.",
        "type": "invalid_request_error",
        "param": null,
        "code": "model_not_available"

{org} and {id} is actual org and id. I think that gpt-3 based models do not support such ability, but when I am getting my model it says that i can fine tune it

"permission": [
                    "id": "snapperm-{id}",
                    "object": "model_permission",
                    "created": 1694159817,
                    "allow_create_engine": true,
                    "allow_sampling": true,
                    "allow_logprobs": true,
                    "allow_search_indices": false,
                    "allow_view": true,
                    "allow_fine_tuning": true,
                    "organization": "org-{id}",
                    "group": null,
                    "is_blocking": false

Don’t use fine-tuning to add knowledge. Use a knowledge graph w/ embeddings. Fine-tuning is for behavioral changes. You can teach it new things while also fine-tuning but it’s inefficient and most time just plain wrong.

As of now you can’t fine-tune an already fine-tuned model.

It’s a wham bam thank you mam and out.

Right from the documentation:

Can I continue fine-tuning a model that has already been fine-tuned?

Answer link No, we do not currently support continuing the fine-tuning process once a job has finished. We plan to support this in the near future.

Unfortunately, only Fine Tuning is suitable for my purposes. Could you please tell me if I can tune new model using fine tuned model?


I can, I did, and someone else did

Describe. Continued training was possible for deprecated models using the prior endpoint, but not yet for gpt-3.5-turbo, and replacement completion models davinci-002 and babbage-002.

The conversation about continuing tuning of the same model would likely end when observing, through practical experience, that fine-tuning doesn’t meet the goals of the application envisioned, anyway.

I am doing search in strings, but the data provided to request must be a determination of a searching string. For example “fruit” - “banana”, “container no.” - “FRHVW235894245”

Strings also includes similar words like “FRHVW235894245” and “F6RVW23894235”. And the main purpose to get this information as correct as possible by adding new training data to model. Also fine-tuning model can convert some data by previously given refs. For example I get “Container Name MCS” and I need “Container Name”

Another example can be determination of word in string by nearby standing word like “Total price”

Previously I did data extraction from the strings using algoritms and regular expressions, but database was too big and often result wasnt correct, because of conflicts in regex. Of course I could increase db for employees for better results, but then its hard to work with such big db

After the first try of fine tuned model I got a propper result that i needed

If you can describe it I will be very grateful

So there is no possibility in train new model using existing tuned model?

I have seen this on forum from @logankilpatrick. Is it deprecated functionality now?

And my model has "allow_fine_tuning": true also. What does it mean?

You absolutely should not be using fine-tuning for this use-case. How will you update information? What happens when information becomes incorrect/outdated? You cannot just simply remove information or overwrite it. It’s for this reason that GPT-4 using the API still “believes” that it’s GPT-3. It’s for this reason as well that you can find multiple variations of truth depending on how you ask a question.

What you are looking for are pointers, or references. Because they are keyword specific you can use common user-friendly technologies like ElasticSearch to accomplish this. Then you also have the option to add descriptions which encapsulate your products for powerful semantic searching.

Let me repeat again: Fine-tuning is a terrible option for what you want. You want a database and you want a LLM such as GPT to retrieve information from it. If you decide to ignore this and continue attempting to fine-tune you will not have a good time. That is a guarantee. You may as well just donate $100 to charity and atleast you can feel good about yourself afterwards.

You never want to trust an LLM to generate facts. NEVER. You want to:

  1. Use an LLM to shape/transform/filter a query
  2. Run the query through your database
  3. Return the information
  4. Have the LLM respond using the information

Shit from a month ago should be considered deprecated.

If for whatever reason you decide to continue with fine-tuning I ask you to consider what exactly you are requiring. You are requiring a perfect validation sequence which matches a product name to a random string of characters and letters.

Just start with 100 examples. Fine tune it, test it, and see what results you get.

Yes, the reply was from the start of the year, talking about models and endpoint that will be turned off January 2024.

The text might mean that the base model allowed fine-tuning, or the model reports that, but the endpoint to do such doesn’t exist yet.

The curious report is "allow_logprobs", something not supported by chat completion endpoint models either.

Hello, again! Thank you for your help. Do you know, how can I choose ML model for vector search using ElasticSearch?

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No problem!

No, sorry. I’m not too familiar with ElasticSearch but I do know that they have a very responsive customer support. Good luck in your venture

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