Fine tuned model with document retrieval

Is it possible to configure a fine tuned model, such as GPT 3.5, with file retrieval capabilities? I cant see this option available in the UI, nor in the API.
The idea is to have a fine tuned model able to retrieve data from documents, just like an Assistant is able to do.

You can put a gpt-3.5 model in assistants and use it with file search now.

It is a “tool”, and you can’t place tools yourself in bare form and make them functional alone.

You can replicate file search or the way retrieval worked with functions, which the AI can be trained on. The AI already knows how to use functions by the spec you must supply anyway. The refinement you would do would have to be particularly useful, like training to produce HyDE into the function without needing to describe extensively how to make the provisional answer.

Function attempts at fine-tuning have ended up with many borked models, though.

That’s awesome @_j. I didn’t realise you can select a fine-tuned model when building an Assistant. Therefore, in theory, we can use the same code, functions and file search as before with an Assistant, having it use a fine-tuned model.
Thanks a million!