Can I use designs made by OpenAI for my own projects?

I planned on making a code sandbox site for fun and to add more features, but making all that from scratch as a newbie seems like a lot of work, and the JS sandbox layout would be perfect for that.

So I’m wondering, would I be allowed to just copy the html & css from their site for my own project?

Might’ve just missed something in their ToS that clarifies that, but I couldn’t find much myself(but feel free to quote it if you do.)

Any staff member, or someone more knowledgeable on this mind clearing things up?

Thanks in advance!

(Not sure if it’s the right category, let me know if I should change it)

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It’s a lot of unnecessary work to “copy the html & css”. It’ll be pretty quick to get started via: GitHub - openai/openai-quickstart-python: Python example app from the OpenAI API quickstart tutorial since it generates a HTML for you, and you just need to edit the backend logic.

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Oh, never knew about that, I’ll have to take a look. Thank you!