Q1. Implementing GPT-Esc in offline apps? Q2. The Legality Of Creating Books, Or Products That Suggest Use Of ChatGPT To Continue?


Q1: Implementing GPT-like Products For Offline Apps.

I’m curious how one could implement OpenAI chatbots in a way that can;

  1. Work Offline.

  2. Require significantly less computational resources to run.

  3. Wouldn’t require any subscription fee from users to pay for tokenization.

I would like to implement this kind of AI in gaming in some capacity. Even if limited.
I figure, a compromise to achieve this would be to have a very limited training corpus that focuses exclusively on the game world, npc’s dialect, and their knowledge.

I was wondering if this was possible, and if so, are there any options or products that you have, that would achieve something like this? I can see there being a lot of value for some sort of simplified & user friendly (no coding required), chatbot that also works as a blank sleight for people to train for their specific needs. But, I’m getting further away from the question. My apologies.

Q2: The Legality Of Creating Books, Or Products That Suggest Use Of ChatGPT, Generate Prompts To Run Table Top Experiences.
I have one more question, if that’s alright.

I came across an interesting topic with ChatGPT while talking about the possibility of creating a table top (physical) game & rule book that would simply instruct the user to incorporate ChatGPT and prompt it accordingly to describe locations, characters, outcomes, and dialogue. Or even, create an app that generates prompts intended to be copied and pasted to the GPT chat. Would, likely bring more attention to both industries (AI, & Table-Top Gaming).

I was wondering if there were any issues legally with this. If a product, a rule book for example, were to be made which references or recommends using ChatGPT in conjunction. Would that cause any legal friction? I looked through the legal information, and perhaps I missed something, but I struggled to find information about how one could tastefully if at all make a third-party product where, the use of ChatGPT is recommended as a tool for another product. But, isn’t necessarily an app or digital device that uses OpenAI API outside of just recommending or suggesting the user to use ChatGPT.

Thank you!

Justin Force-Garrod

  1. OpenAI doesn’t provide any offline services at the moment. There’s rumors of them releasing an open-source model, and there’s alternative open source models out there, but they generally require hefty hardware to run (at an acceptable speed, can likely run it on your PC but at like 1 word a second).

  2. I’d start by looking at brand guidelines

Thank you. I kept checking the legal section. I was a bit off, I suppose.

This is great! Thank you. Shouldn’t be hard to follow these guidelines either. I’ll look more into it to make sure but, seems like I can work with this for sure.