Can i restore deleted chat?

Is there any chance to restore the deleted chat? I accidentally deleted the chat that I need, is there any chance to do that?

Please help me if there is a chance for that.

There’s no ‘trashcan’ functionality. Deleted chats are lost, when the user confirms that the chat should be deleted.

If I was in this position I would request a data export and hope for the best. Because of the 30 day data retention policy, the chat related data should still be there and it should also be connected to your account.

Good luck and keep us updated if this works.

Where should I request that?

Is there an option in settings or I should send mail?


I found it, thanks

There’s no data in export chats :frowning: If someone knows how to do it, I have even a link to the chat I would be grateful.

You will receive a download link via email.
Download the file, unpack it and then search through the different files for something that you remember about the chat in question.

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I tried but it’s deleted, never mind…

I’ll start again. Thank you anyway

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