How to get GPT-4 32k access?

I have GPT 4 and it’s great, but it’s only 8k.

How do I get access to the 32k version? I’ll do whatever is needed!

32k via the API is still invite only, but there are ways to gain access via Microsoft Azure OpenAI by applying as a company and requesting access and also via the ChatGPT Enterprise plan via Contact sales.

If you were to create an Eval for use with the 32k model where 32k context would be a requirement of the eval, you could potentially be granted access for that, but chicken and egg, you’d need the evaluation set prior to getting access…

You can also become a forum regular, and help out here regularly, the requirements are fairly high, on the order of 27/28k posts to be read, 50 days of visits… that sort of thing.