Need OpenAI to generation of content for brand's social media using given product information

I want to develop an app using openAI where users can provide their product information like name, description, images, etc. The app will generate images and their caption, etc for the brand’s social media.
I need guidelines about what openAI model should I use for creating such type of application.


This needs multiple models, I would recommend GPT-4-Turbo for the caption and DALL-E 3 for the image.

So, I would be passing product images and product information to DALL-E 3, and a relevant prompt to get the desired output ?

Not exactly, if you have no experience with this at all I would just recommend hiring someone.

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We provide digtal product design & development services. And our team have already build couple of genrative AI products like . The purpose of this post was to minimize our research a bit. What models, other people suggest or are using for such type of app.

Thanks @grandell1234