Can gpt 3 know what happened right now in 2021?

like discussing some news that happened in 2021.
in other work,Is the gtp-3 database constantly updated? How long is the database delay?

no, the gpt-3 does not upgrade its data online since 2020,all the data which trained it is before ,when you ask it the information after 2020, it have no idea at all.

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thank you!
can I get notices when they update data?

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the data of gpt-3 is not a news website, it could not be updated by the hour, by day, even by month or year, the process of training for it has finished, the training cost much every time, if it updates data, it will be called gpt-4\5\n ,not gpt-3 anymore.


thanking you for clarifying. yeah, codex with more new data, but the codex function is separate from nature language function currently, I guess when you deal with a natural language task, the codex new updated data can not integrate with returns. finetunes is the way to keep the information new, but finetunes data still remain too small.

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