Davinci Instruct Beta V3 model database updated?

I’m currently using instruct beta v3 which is remarkably fast. But the details that makes me surprised is about this model knowing anything about Covid-19 which I think the OpenAI database has been updated up to 3rd quarter of 2020 (probably). What do you think?

@muhammadlufti You are correct, gpt3 base models have only been pretrained up to pre-covid internet. If you would like to update your own models, completion-only finetuning on 2020+ data may help, or combining gpt3 with an external knowledge base (/answers endpoint).

Right, hopefully OpenAI will managed to update and pretrained the model the databases up to date since finetuning has lot more to explore.

@m-a.schenk true, though it’s only finetuned on github code. Seems to have picked up on covid through github comments though.