Calling the new GPTs through an API

Hello all,
I was watching the OpenAI DevDay last night and the news about these new GPTs got me wondering. Will I be able to create GPTs like a CTO and a Tester GPT, which I will be able to call from an API? I’m thinking somewhat in the same way the Autogen Agents are being used, but instead I’ll be calling my own GPTs for assitance?

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Yeah this feature is called are called Assistants, and are rolled out to all OpenAI API Developers.


GPTs via GPT Builder & Assistants API are different; you can’t call GPTs using the Assistants API. You can build Assistants that are like or better than GPTs, but you can’t actually call existing GPT agents.

logically, GPTs should use assistants API and it should be callable as GPT actions for collaboration