Calling all European early-stage data and AI founders!

J12 Ventures is thrilled to be launching NEXUS, a European catalyst for founders building for the data and AI era, that will help fuel the European early-stage AI ecosystem and Europe’s AI leadership on the global arena.

The program is designed to support pre-seed and seed stage founders through access to capital, workshops, 1:1 office hours and mentorship from founders, operators, and technical leads from companies such as Google Deepmind, MongoDB, GitHub, Meta and Klarna. Participating founders will gain insights and relationships that will enhance their technical development, GTM, organisation and culture, and ability to attract capital. The inaugural cohort this autumn will consist of 7-10 selected founding teams, each receiving up to a €1m upfront investment from J12.

Get in touch if you are (or would like to recommend) a:

a) founding team with a concept or product leveraging or enabling data
b) second-time founder or senior executive looking to build
c) domain expert or researcher in data and AI keen to get hands-onRead more and get in touch at:

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To anyone reading this, know that J12 ventures is a Swedish venture capital fund that doesn’t do things by half. Venture capital funds are pools of money from investors used to invest in high-risk, high-growth startups and small to medium-sized businesses. Managed by general partners, they provide money, strategic help, and industry knowledge to these companies for equity. The main goal is to make substantial returns through successful exits like IPOs or acquisitions.

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The initiative - first of its kind in Europe - is designed to support early-stage technical founders as they develop new products. Many of our existing companies, and companies in this cohort, are using OpenAI, and as a core part of the programme, founders will get access to leading entrepreneurs and technical leads at large companies to further enhance their ability to build with OpenAI. We are also considering a partnership with OpenAI, through which we would offer specialised expertise and credits.

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