Call GPT-4 APIs to translate languages from Java micro-service

Hi All, I’m developing a software-based translation application. Right now, we’re utilising machine translation engines from Google, Microsoft, and DeepL to translate content within documents. We’re eager to integrate GPT-4 as our new machine translation engine. Could someone answer the following questions.

  1. Is it possible to pass source language, target language and segment(text) to GPT-4 APIs and get the translated text.?

  2. If it is possible please mention the process of gaining access to GPT-4 APIs and calling them from Java micro-service application?

Thank you

You can instruct the AI to do almost anything. You can try out free ChatGPT to see if it understands the general idea behind your task, even if it is only 75% of the way there. If it just takes more brains and attention to the task to get it done with quality, then GPT4 may be able to do it where GPT-3.5 included some errors.

The API can be accessed by anything that can make a https request. You can read the API reference (links on the side of the forum), go to “chat”, and then look at the curl methods to get an idea of the type of POST request you need to make to the endpoint URL with your funded API key and formatted input JSON.