Extract information from context for classification

Hello, total newbie here :slight_smile:

I was thinking of building a chatbot that will remember stuff for me. From grocery lists to meetings and reminders.
My first attempt was to see if I can use an AI to go over the user’s message and extract information from it.
I’ve been using the Playground to experiment.
It seems to sort of work for classifying what the text is about, but I have a real problem extracting date and time informaiton from messages.
Seems the AI keep giving me unexpected results. Either the current date when it should give a future one. An incorrect date when it tries to add days to understand the date of “In 3 days”. The current time when there isn’t a current time, etc.

Just a small example, where it failed to use “tomorrow” (AI response is in bold):

Create the fields using the info and context only! If you don’t know write Unknown! Don’t extrapolate, invent or deduce anything!

Dates (List, DD.MM.YYYY format)
Times (List, HH:mm format)
Location (place)
Recurring (true/false)

Timestamp: Wednesday 22.02.2023 14:23

I have a meeting with David tomorrow

Dates: Unknown
Weekdays: Thursday
Times: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Recurring: False

First and foremost I don’t know why you’re yelling at our assistant friend. They can interpret instructions perfectly fine with a pleasant period at the end of your sentences rather than an exclamation mark. I wouldn’t do a very good job if you yelled at me like that either.
Did you try asking them which format would be most effective for them to work with?
Being more elaborate with your task declaration can help with having a clear understanding of what you would like accomplished. While the task may be obvious to you, imagine you went up to a random stranger on the street and told them to perform the task using only what you provided. They would look at you sideways.

At first I didn’t have exclamation marks there. But I was trying to be more assertive when it kept inventing stuff :slight_smile:
How do I go agout asking GPT on how to build a prompt for the mission?