Bug with ChatGPT web ui, enter key no longer works properly

I am encountering an intermittent issue, that occurs across multiple computers. These are the specific bugs I have been experiencing:

  1. Pressing Enter after typing a prompt sometimes starts regenerating the previous response, instead of just submitting the new query, this causes a “One request at a time” error to appear for the new query.
  2. Shift+Enter does not work as expected. When the above bug occurs, it is usually accompanied by Shift+Enter submitting the query, instead of creating a new line in the prompt.

Steps to reproduce:
Pressing enter to submit a query, or pressing Shift+Enter to create a new line in the prompt.

This started happening about 2 months ago, and has intermittently, but frequently, occurred ever since.


Confirming that this is happening for multiple users and is still ongoing as of 2023-07-06.

  1. sends the message
  2. sends the message
  3. sends the message

In order to add a line break, one must be copied and pasted into the message.

Enter Key For AI , You can download it for free and it’s quite useful from the Chrome Web Store.

Enter Key For AI from Firefox ADD-ONS.

By the way, this plugin was developed by me. Feel free to leave me a message if you encounter any issues.

i am encountering this bug also.
it was working an hour ago but not anymore and the only fix i have found was to restart my whole pc.

the width of the browser viewport determines the enter key action.