Nothing happens after pressing enter?

Hey everyone,

Recently I’ve been experiencing a weird bug with ChatGPT on my PC. Every time I try to send him a message, the chat box freezes and the send button turns dark gray and nothing else happens. I would really like to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem and if anyone can help me solve it.



same for me, could not find a solution yet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Pls send help.

I have the same problem, I changed browsers (OperaGX, FireFox, Edge), it doesn’t change anything, but the mobile application still works.

Same issue here… Started with old chats popping in and immediately vanishing on selection, inability to send messages (messages vanish and nothing happens) and finally the previously described issue… for 3 days until now…a client issue?
ChatGPT 3.5, Alphachanel, Chrome, German…

[deactivating all adblocker and switching to language English and back to German fixed the issue. Switching may be unnecessary, didn’t test separately… ]

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This is an ongoing problem in the last days for those who opted into the “alpha” language settings.

Solution for highest chance of recovery:

  • in ChatGPT settings, switch to English
  • delete all site cookies and cached data
    – (Firefox: extension “cookie quick manager” can let you kill all site cookies and local storage; Chrome: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help)
  • browser hard refresh, you should not be logged in to ChatGPT any more.
  • Log in through the main site’s menu, pick ChatGPT
  • See that ChatGPT operates normally through several questions after picking GPT-4.
  • Accept the language alpha if you want to try again.

There are other persistent issues, like a new

element that can be adblocked when whatever it is supposed to do doesn’t work, privacy settings that need to be opened up for the site, script issues that continue to cause problems. OpenAI pushed out a change that is full of damage. And then broke the API for the rest of us.

if i pay for using product i should not dance around it to make it work…

I checked via build in chrome developer tools (F12). Lots of errors. The issue was caused by my adblockers. Deactivated them and there are no more errors chrome can recognize. I use 3.5 free version…

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