Bug when editing the first prompt in a continued conversation

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    → Searched “Bug when editing the first prompt in a continued conversation” → no relevant results.

1.) Click on a shared convo. Like this one: /share/ceff5215-2663-40bf-b117-6d2f6d4580e7
2.) Write any prompt. (Try “Test”)
3.) Edit the prompt. Send it. → Error.
4.) Try to regenerate. → Error.
5.) Try to load via sidebar. → Error.

Can confirm, I also had discovered this.

Part of it is likely related to that: in the database, a continuance based on a custom instruction has a “was_custom” type flag “pinned” to the conversation, so you can’t sanitize the warning message about the chat being initially generated with user custom instructions even by re-sharing it to yourself.

A ChatGPT data export will let you see the chain of previous messages that get you to a point. You can then make more deductions about why it can’t be edited.