Bug: My GPT conversation starters not updated on edit

Hi all -

Am I doing something wrong? After I create my own GPT and I go to edit in and add or modify conversation starters under Configure, the new starters do not show up when a new chat is instantiated.

Is this a bug or is there some other way to refresh the GPT?

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Same problem here. I see my conversion starters in the edit of my GPT but never in the conversation.

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Ditto. It’s kinda annoying as it helps show the user options available

This issue seems to be partially fixed now. All my changes are properly updating.
However, new chats do not always start with my 4 defined conversation starters. It also seems to generate other prompts. I want my 4 definitions to always be the suggested starting topics for new chats.

Same here. They appear in Preview, but not in the actual GPT.

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