The Assistant API doesn't have web browsing capabilities like custom GPT does

I built a custom GPT using GPT builder that has web browsing capabilities. Now I am implementing the same functionality using Open AI Assistant API however the web browsing functionality is not working well. I used Tavily API in assistant, and it can search the internet to generate responses, however it cannot access external URLs if provided in the query. Custom GPT can search external URLs when provided in the query.

The reason you are seeing that the Assistants API doesn’t have web browsing like a GPT in ChatGPT is that the assistants API doesn’t have web browsing capabilities like custom GPT does.

The API cannot connect to the internet. The AI can only respond to you and your code.

You can build and provide tools to the API that allow different functions based on internet APIs, such as an internet search API, or even a text web browser function you buiilt. The API is for developers to build unique products. You won’t garner much interest if all you provide is what anybody could do by saying “make me a GPT”.