Bought plus, had access for 12 hours and now it's gone

As the title says, bought chatGPT plus, had access to it for 12 hours and now it’s gone. Payment shows as paid and active subscription on the openai page but chatgpt is now on free mode for some reason…


I’m facing the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:

Have same problem but with slightly different perspective. Was using chatgpt for a while now, my subscription started on Feb 13, then subscription renewed on Mar 13. And now I had a dialogue with GPT-4, when it said - something gone wrong try again in little bit, I then logged out and logged in when saw that conversation is unavailable. Also I saw a long missed button opting out to switch to ChatGPT plus. How should I understand that? Was I switched back on free version without compensating and now I should spend another 30A$ just to buy subscription after 3 days of it being renewed?

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Same issue here. The subscription is gone after “something gone wrong” and reloading the webpage.

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Same here. Been subscribed for a month plus and now it’s showing free mode and asking to upgrade again.

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MIne used to be paid and is now went back to a free account also. Strange

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Issue resolved on my end, probably a bug of some sort. I reloaded GhatGPT page once again and there was now other error page which said that there was an error while logging in, anyway I logged back in and my subscription is back. It happens I guess…

This seems to be an ongoing issue right now. I have also been having getting 3.5 prompts to work as well as the proper display of chat history.

weird the have not said anything about it anywhere if lots of people have this problem… their chat says there is a days wait for them to get back with any help:(