Blocked from ChatGPT despite NEVER using a VPN

I do not use a VPN nor have I ever used a VPN but I am being told that my IP address was blocked fro using ChatGPT.

I Get a message stating that I am blocked and it is asking me to turn off my VPN but I do not have a VPN. I use Comcast Xfinity for internet.

ALL Google search results say the ban is from using a VPN but I do not use one. I have never used one.

I do not use Incognito mode or anything like that either.
I only use ChatGPT to generate movesets for RPG Maker.

I tried a different browser and PC but the problem persists on all PCs on the network.

Please clear my IP address because I did not do any wrongdoing.

I use Chat GPT on Windows 10

You might want to contact the official support. This is more of a developer forum and many of the people who can help won’t see it.