Bing Dall-E 3 vs ChatGPT Plus Dall-E 3 commercial use

Hello guys,

I know that was many similar topics on this issue but anwers tend to be chaotic and i want to be certain. Me and my friends are currently developing the board game, we want to partialy use graphics generated by Dall-E 3. We already created a lot of them using Bing and also now we are using ChatGPT Plus subsription we bought. I have two questions:

  • Can I legally use graphic created by ChatGPT Plus for commercial use (e.g. as illustrations placed on cards that will be part of the game)?

  • Can I also use graphic generated by Bing for commercial use in the same way?

Thank you in advance for help on this.

Yes, all images you create through the API or ChatGPT+ are yours to own.

No, Bing reserves all rights for all images you generate using Bing.