Billing Error. Billing not active?`

I’m receiving the following error stating that billing is not active., I have verified the account, I have 10 dollars on the credits and the card on file is good. I’m a verified member. I can’t understand why I can’t make any calls. please help. I finally managed to build my very first agent crew today and now I’m stuck on the very last step! here is the error message,

 {Error code: 429 - {'error': {'message': 'Your account is not active, please check your billing details on our website.', 'type': 'billing_not_active', 'param': None, 'code': 'billing_not_active'}}}

Take a screenshot of this page,

here is the screenshot. it appears some activity since yesterday. hopefully that is good new? thanks for the help!

i just tried it again, still getting the same error

In case you haven’t figured this out by adding more money, all the API credits in the screenshot above are colored red = expired.

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