Big probleme with API it is impossible to use api?

Good morning

I need to use the api with a plugin on my wordpress site and it doesn’t work whereas in using api I have 15$ because I have to pay the subscription??
but the problem there is no support email to contact to unblock the situation, it has been since the beginning that chatgpt came out that the site blocks my access to the API I let it use a maximum of 4 times it worked and after I took out a subscription but still the same I don’t have the right even though in use I have a credit of 15$??
Can you help me resolve the situation please?

here is the message that the plugin sends me: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

I know that I had it with all the other plugins so the problem comes from openai which blocks me even though I pay!!
Can you tell me what I can do to resolve this really unfair situation?

if you have an open ai emial or another method please give me all your insight…

Where’s API Access? GPT-4? I subscribe for $20!

ChatGPT Plus does not offer any API credits or entitlements. API is a separate professional product for AI application development. Although you may have a gpt-4 powered chatbot in ChatGPT (and plus gives you plugins and more), ChatGPT Plus doesn’t unlock any API services or pay for any API bills.

API Overview

API allows programmers to develop applications for end users, and they are charged by the actual language data used by the service - the tokens sent and received by queries to the AI models. It is not free nor included with ChatGPT.

This is the access portal to an API account and its payment systems.

Where’s API GPT-4? Do I have a free API trial?

You may have an API free trial credit if you created your OpenAI account recently, (three-month expiration after account creation). However, access to use gpt-4 services along with higher rate limits is only enabled after purchasing additional account credits, or having been billed monthly for actual non-free use.

A: Start a payment plan. Purchase credits to get API access.

I don’t know anything about programming…

API is not meant for consumers: don’t put API keys into web sites, apps, extensions, or unknown software. You wouldn’t hand out your bank password?

AH yes but why then we have a use of 18$ FREE TRIAL???ici


you don’t know your way around ???

remove the space between https:// and to see the image, because here it doesn’t allow links

You have an $18 trial showing and not $5 because you created an OpenAI account long ago, and the API trial credit expired long ago.

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