Best tier for a teacher writing report cards

I’m a teacher working at the elementary level. I created an assistant in Playground in the hopes it might help me shorten the report writing process. My first effort at using the assistant maxed out, so I’m wondering if I should invest in a subscription. However, I’m not sure what tier would be appropriate for my work. I’m going to write approximately 25 report cards, if that helps at all. Any ideas? I appreciate more information might be needed to give a reasonable answer on this. Thanks.

The only product you “subscribe” to is ChatGPT Plus.

The API products, for which “playground” is just a demonstration and evaluation site, are completely separate billings, and if you just created an account, you may be working off a $5 free trial credit.

Free accounts are rated limited, three request per minute. Assistants however, can make multiple requests per second, and it is likely you’d want to switch over to “chat” and evaluate direct interactions with AI models.

If you are not a programmer developing applications, just is the place.

You can also read OpenAIs policies at the bottom of their main page, about labeling the source of AI-created materials when unclear…


Thanks very much for the reply and information. I had a feeling I was trying to use a product that wasn’t the best choice for my situation.