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Hello everyone!

I’m currently developing an apartment rental website on WordPress and am in need of some guidance. I plan to integrate a chatbot onto the site, ideally using the Assistant API. This would enable the chatbot to have a knowledge base, fed through a PDF document detailing all the specifics of the apartments.

The challenge is, I’d also like the chatbot to automatically check a URL daily to update itself with the availability of each apartment, thereby providing the most accurate advice to users. I’m concerned that such “dynamic” knowledge updating isn’t possible with the Assistant API.

Here are my two questions:

  • Does anyone have suggestions for implementing a system that allows for “dynamic” knowledge updating (possibly via a URL)?
  • Are there any WordPress plugins available that integrate with the “Assistant API”? I haven’t found any as of yet.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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You can write a cron job within your wordpress setup that fetches data from wherever and format it however you want your prompt context to be.

I don’t think you even need the assistants API to do this.

I haven’t seen an assistants API wordpress plugin, but I’m sure people are working on it.

Also, for a chatbot, the assistants API doesn’t support streaming, yet, so heads up there.

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As zenz said, you could use a cron job for this. You could have a script that grabs the content from the URL and stores in a database each day (langchain has document loaders for this and there are plenty web-scraping packages out there). Then you can pass this data into your model in the prompt (via Assistants API or any other model). Not sure about the second one!

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Really hoping you WP wizards stick around! :wink:

We had an interesting thread the other day about auth…

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Want to follow this thread to see if/when assistants API powered wordpress plugins will be released. @mathieu.turbulences please post if you find one.

Btw, just found one AI Engine: The AI Plugin for WordPress but haven’t tried it yet as Assistant API is only available in PRO (paid) version. Just asked the plugin developer how the API is being used.

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