Belarus Banned? what's going on, can someone explain?

I live in the country of Belarus. For almost half a year, everything worked, And there was no need to use VPN. Now I wanted to go in, to which I received a message that I was banned. All my friends are too. Since when has Belarus been banned? Where is it said about this?


Your country is not on the list of supported countries, using a VPN to circumvent regional restrictions may get your account banned

This is the developer community forum, if you want to contact OpenAI you can do that here

I hope that helps.


but I didn’t use vpn. I had everything available without it

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It’s not just not supported. It’s banned. Reason is obvious - they’re “worried” a lot about “human rights” in Belarus, which are violated by illegal president lukashenko. And ofc OpenAI, like EU and UN, decided to show how much they “care” about Belarus, banning it from using OpenAI.

ChatGPT is totally banned in Belarus by OpenAI. I’m from Belarus too and now without VPN, you can’t even access their website

For the record, Belarus is subject to US sanctions and it’s illegal for any US-based company to conduct business with entities under sanction. In the case of Belarus that includes many prominent financial institutions.

The easiest way to comply with sanctions is to simply not conduct business in the sanctioned country.

This isn’t something OpenAI has a whole lot of choice in.

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