Been building an AI powered reference manager for research papers for the past 18 months

Howdy All,

I’ve been building SciSummary for the past 18 months. It’s a reference manager similar to Zotero or Mendelay but has a bunch of AI niceties on top of it. Things like chatting with multiple docs, semantic search, multi-article summarization and most recently some figure analysis using gpt-4o.

Would love to hear what you think!


Already beats by far any other app by being able to just search references for any given quote or sentence, research articles in journals and much much more. From basic sorting of ref to finding in text citation in a given text and create the ref list (which still needs refining) it is a very useful tool. Keep up the godo work!

Seems extremely useful. Can you give us any referral code or more days to try it? thanks!

PhD student here. I love Scisummary! It saves me hours on reading and summarizing papers. However, I would love to see an iOS app for better accessibility, especially during my subway commutes. Additionally, a Zotero add-on would be fantastic. Although I know Scisummary already integrates with Zotero, I use WebDAV for storing my full-text files due to Zotero’s 300MB limit for free users. Currently, I have to manually download files and upload them to the web app. An add-on would make this process much faster and more convenient. If you need help building the app or an add-on, I do have some experience, and would love to help.