Found this, can you please solve/explain

This AI model is 003, and some yes respond with code unlike others. It’s a newer type of GPT-3, like chatGPT (I think chatGPT is the best text AI I’ve tried). GPT-3 original model is at bottom (of the top right list of models, it is the original davinci one).

I tried “life” in chatGPT, it explains its meaning properly. Keep in mind, these newer AIs like chatGPT, act like a human, which means they don’t just always anymore complete whatever they hear, they may respond with “ugh i hate this story” if you don’t say “what comes next in this story?”. It acts like us (what I explained), has some goals (always talks about being an assistant and looking into reasoning step by step, or may even say it wants to work on AI all day), and is trained to be/say aligned/safe concepts. I think they call this Dialog, Alignment, and Instruct improvements. Looks good.