Bad website design leads nowhere near api access fulfillment

I cannot see any useful links to allow me to use api access via python. I don’t wish to use javascript or node or curl. I want a full featured language for api access of this is really not useful to me. I use chat with gpt4 and it will not give me any specific url’s to request api access. It only provides the url for the home page which leads nowhere near anywhere I can request api access. I guess I’ll just return to open source models… Sigh!

I was experiencing the same issue after I deposited well over the $1 GPT-4 API access threshold. I received access automatically after ~24 hours but it was frustrating at first after not finding any information in the GPT-4 access thread detailing the possible delay period. I did submit a support request via OpenAI’s platform using the “help?” tab which also may have resolved the issue on it’s own but I recommend waiting first as to not overload support. As for the API documentation there is plenty of documentation on GitHub as well as this forum that maybe you can make use of, also ensure you’ve read the API reference. I have yet to have had any issue with finding thorough documentation regarding the API.

Have you tried documentation? OpenAI Platform

Switching the language of provided examples to python may help sometimes…

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