Avg. API calls per month?

Hey everyone!

I was just curious to see if any other devs had an averaged amount of API calls they’ve made per month, or at least a typical amount per month to expect per user for the tools y’all have been making.

I guess I won’t know myself until I finish building my tool, but I’d rather be prepared if at all possible. Any info would help! Thanks!

Anything between hundreds and millions depending on not only the size of you audience, but more importantly on the use case. Some may generate multiple API calls per 1 user interaction and dozens (if not hundreds) per session. Some - just a few per user overall. A good heuristic is to limit these numbers considering your monetisation model / budget for API spend.

Ah, my apologies. I meant average monthly API calls per user for users of my tool. If we assume one utterance (or one request) is equal to 1 API call, and these would be single-shot requests, does that help narrow down any estimates at all?
Basically I don’t know what my budget should be if I don’t have a value to place to estimate said budget. I don’t want to guess 1 value, and be so completely off I end up being vastly overbudget than I anticipated with no way to pay for it.

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Then your number of API calls would be your number of monthly visitors :slight_smile:

You need to make calculations here. Say you charge $1 a month. Make assumptions how many users will pay you and how many will will use for free, based on that calculate how many requests you can afford to give to each user. This is over-simplified, but I hope you get the point.