AutoGPT stuck in brainstorming

Hi Everyone!

I’m a complete novice at using AI and I’m hoping someone can help me with an issue I keep running into. I’ve asked gpt-3.5 to act as an advertiser for our nonprofit, it responded that it would: - Research our nonprofit and similar not profits

  • Identify the target audience
  • Create compelling key messages and slogans
  • Select suitable media channels
  • Recommend additional activities
  • Continuously monitor and optimize the campaign’s performance

BUT it keeps getting stuck in “Researching” or in “Brainstorming for Key ideas” (does these task 20+ times in a row) and just keeps running those task over and over so I cant seem to get anywhere near accomplishing the overall objective. I’ve tried asking it to move on to the next step every way I can think of.

Has anyone else encountered the same issue or does anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed?

Thanks for any help!!!

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Are you sure it is getting stuck? It may just be taking a while.
Could you please share some screenshots?

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This first image is where is started “brainstorming” and I’ll next include a second screenshot of after it had completed the brainstorming task 20+ times and I directly asked it to move on to the next step and it did not.

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ChatGPT is a web application offered by OpenAI. It is not an AI model.

I have updated your topic title.

You might see if this is first a question or process that can be answered by AI without the use of third-party software.