Attachment Errors in GPT4

Hello, this may have been discussed as I have only skimmed through some of the recent topics on here. I am getting a reoccurring error message when trying to use attachments at first I thought they were just limited to screenshots, but it turns out now it’s every attachment I try (JPEG, PNG, ect) I haven’t tried PDFs or other type of productivity attachments.

In fact I don’t even think my attachment of the error has shown in this message.

The error is: “Image attachment failed.

Cannot load representation of type public.jpeg”

You cannot attach an image to a vector store. It is text-based embeddings search.

You can however use a new Assistants method for passing image attachments along with a user message “content” when creating the message:

I made a screenshot so you don’t have to click “expand” several times.

gpt-4-turbo must be used, and you’ll probably want to include some assistant instructions that say that the AI can use its built-in computer vision.

Chat Completions has a different message format for passing images.


I’m a little late, but thank you for your response! A few hours later, this seem to have resolved itself whether it was from restarting my phone, or just by itself. Support originally thought it was a permissions issue but that was all set appropriately.