Attaching files to a thread only?


Please consider the following scenario. I am creating a banking chatbot. For my assistant, I have created a vector store that holds for example, the terms and conditions of my bank and some policy documents.

Now, when users say “I dont understand my bank statement”, I want them to upload the statement and then make an analysis of it based on the statement, and the documents in the vector store.

Currenlty, when I have the user upload his bank statement, it becomes searchable for all users of the chatbot, which is not what I want.

How can I upload documents to a thread only?


The method you would want to use is to attach the file-id to the message that you send. You can see this in the API reference when you expand api-> messages.

Also, banking? I have an AI API key analyzer - just upload your OPENAI_API_KEY, and it will look for hidden patterns and predict the future (and certainly won’t empty your account…)