I am building Assistant that can respond from uploaded files

Its answering from file its fine. But I have many Assistant and the every user will answer from selected file.
Like I have two assistant ( A1, A2 ) and three file ( F1, F2 F3) A1 will answer from F1 and A2 will answer from F1 and F2.

How to achieve that.

You are whant something similar as crewAI or auto gen? I guess

Although exactly what you hope to do in an application is unclear, the mechanism you would want to use in Assistants is vector stores.

  1. upload file to OpenAI storage
  2. create a vector store with attachment of two of the files
  3. create a second vector store with attachment of one file
  4. create two assistants, giving each its vector store
  5. let users engage with the one with the needed knowledge and instructions

There are other uses that you can employ, such as connecting a vector store to a thread, so it is not part of an assistant, but part of what knowledge the user selects through your interface.

Every thread can have a different number of files or vector stores as well (separate from the assistant) so should be no problem?

For file search on assistants, only one vector store can be attached per assistant, and then one can be attached per thread.

  • Knowledge will usually be connected to an assistant and its underlying purpose.
  • Message attachments can spawn their own temporary vector stores.

It depends on how much you want to make an app that gives your answers or instead make an app that gives a user’s document answers that doesn’t serve your purpose. Use wisely.

(The usage of language “respond from uploaded files” or “every user will answer from selected file” in the topic-starter above is unclear. Who’s doing the uploading?)

Brilliant. I finally get why attaching files to a thread wasn’t matching my expectations.

I assumed the base knowledge/vector store attached to the assistant was the true source of knowledge, and that it would be used to “look” and interpret any file attached to a thread vector store.

Makes total sense now—an uploaded file to a thread just becomes part of the global understanding — almost as if the uploaded file is now a part of the app’s knowledge—which I didn’t want.

Thank you for the clarification.