Atlassian's StatusPage third party component

We use OpenAPI as one of the dependencies of our product. We are building our status page and we would like to be able to show OpenAI status too.

Atlassian has a feature of 3rd party components: you can embed the status of other pages on your side to make a coherent view of the system and dependencies.

But OpenAI is not on the list.

I noticed that the OpenAI status page is based on Atlassian too, so I reached out to them about adding to third-party components, the replay is below:

In order for us to enable a page as a third-party component, we need to receive a request from the company itself so that we can go ahead with the enabling. Could you please communicate with the OpenAI and have them reach us regarding this feature?

So the question would be, can you request them to add this? I think it is not a big deal and the entire ecosystem around OpenAI will certainly benefit.

Thank you in advance.

Parse and enjoy:

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