Assistants API vs Chat Completions API

Good day, esteemed members, This Dev Day was awesome.

Everything looks good, but I have a small question. When I am reading about the Assistant’s API, I don’t feel there are huge differences between the Chat Completions API.

So, do you guys know what the most significant differences are between these two?

For example, you can add the prompt “math tutor, weather chat bot” in the Chat Completions API as well. So… does anyone know what the differences are?


I have the same question. Is the Assistant API supposed be the successor of the Completion API, or will they both exist in the future?

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The assistant has threads which is new, I’m assuming they’ll add more tools to assistant too but looks like code interpreter is assistant only

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I would love if someone could make a tutorial on migrating from Chat Completion to the Assistants.

I think it’s supposed to just be different. For instance I’m not sure I see a temperature parameter

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Weird, you’re right, there is no temperature control for the assistant.

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Maybe it is a way for them to control agents. I feel like it makes more sense to not be able to screw with the randomness for Agents that are out and about on the web. It’s one thing for a chatbot that doesn’t really move anywhere but with specific tasks I think it makes sense to leave temp out

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