What the difference between open ai assistant api and chat api

I am planning to use open ai api in my project, but i didn’t know which one should I use gpt assistant api or chat api

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Assistants overview - OpenAI API
Text generation - OpenAI API

Here’s some of the API documentation I recommend reading.

If you could share much more detail about what your project entails we could help better.

I am going to use on a AI powered counselor, just providing information and guidance.

I have spent considerable time with both APIs. My observation is that the Assistants API is intended for a class of problems that are more complex than what is normally done through a Chat API. Problems that are best solved through a collaboration of specialized Assistants . It’s one thing to ask GPT to write a chapter in a book, or a code fragment for a program, it’s another thing to ask GPT to write a book or a software product. Chat Completion APIs are for the former, Assistants API are for the latter.


Agreed. I’d consider Assistants a framework, while Completion models are a tool

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Yes, my experience as well. If it involves more complex problems/applications, the Assistant API may be the better fit. For just text generation, QA, the Chat API might suffice.