Assistants API: Thread Storage Duration and Listing Created Threads

Hi Community,

I have a couple of questions regarding the Assistants API:

  1. Thread Storage Duration:
  • How long do the threads created with the Assistants API stay stored inside OpenAI? Is there a specific retention period for these threads, or are they stored indefinitely until manually deleted?
  1. Listing Created Threads:
  • Is there a way to list all the threads that I have already created? If so, could you please provide guidance on how to retrieve this list, especially if it involves using a session key or specific API calls?

Any insights or detailed explanations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Apparently, threads stay indefinitely.

I haven’t seen a feature yet that allows you to list all your threads, but you could simply save the thread_id in a DB and then list your threads that way.

It seems like OpenAI wants us to manage our own info now. Kinda sucks because I loved seeing the content content for each API call I was making (that’s another issue I am having currently).

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