Assistants API: Issues with function calls and file retrievals


We’re working on developing Assistants that make use of function calls and file retrievals. We are comparing effectiveness on both GPT-3.5 Turbo (0125) and GPT-4 Turbo.

Over the last couple of days we’ve seen some unusual behaviours with both file retrieval and function calling such as:

Input messages from the user that previously would result in a file retrieval result in the Assistant performing a function call for “search()” even though we have no function definition for this. It seems like the search function is there in place of the usual file retrieval?

We also experience times when we would expect the Assistant to use a file retrieval, but see it make a call to one of our defined functions, but passing the file id of an attached file as an input parameter to our functions, below is one such example where it passed the id of the file into a function that expects an email address

get_orders({"email": "file-oL32P6JMFIEMsbsdI31H1L7"})

Finally we’ve also had examples where instead of performing file retrieval, it actually tells the end user to check the file.

If you have any questions regarding returns or other related topics, please refer to the document that has been uploaded. An agent will assist you shortly.

Prior to Wednesday 10th, we did not seem to be having such issues. Today it was working again, then at a certain point in the day, we started seeing these issues, without any changes to our assistants configuration. We saw a similar pattern yesterday as well.

I’m just wondering if others have also experienced recent issues like this with the Assistants API?