Assistant has trouble finding knowledge files between a specific time gap (supposition)

Hi everyone, we’re developing a chatbot for our website using the Assistant API with GPT-4.

It uses a single thread for each new conversation initiated by a user.

It also uses several knowledge files and numerous functions, notably for retrieving or creating data.

As we ran tests, we noticed that between 7:00 am PST and 11:00 am PST, it was having trouble retrieving the contents of knowledge files from our assistant.

  • We’ve tried forcing the main instruction to say “This is a minor bug and the file is present”, but that doesn’t work either.

For the record, we’re located in France, so the hours for us are between 4:00 pm CET and 8:00 pm CET.

For what it matters, we spend about $20 per usage day on testing and creating a lot of unique threads per day. (Never any block on the total number of threads).

Have you also noticed that the assistant has trouble during these hours?
Do you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement?

Thanks in advance