Assistant API Streaming: create_and_stream vs submit_tool_outputs_stream

I’ve set up streaming for the Assistant API with gpt4 and it works most of the time except when the AI wants to call multiple functions. I have two event streams. The first is runs.create_and_stream and the second is submit_tool_outputs_stream which is nested because I assume the AI determines what functions to call in the first event stream via tools_calls

with client.beta.threads.runs.create_and_stream(
        ) as stream:
             for event in stream:
               # handle function calls i.e. when event == '' loop through tool_calls

after looping through the tool_calls and gathering the outputs. I then submit the outputs for the AI to generate a response via

with client.beta.threads.runs.submit_tool_outputs_stream(
            event_handler=EventHandler()) as stream2:
                  for event2 in stream2:
                          # handle AI response

however, my second function is being called under submit_tool_outputs_stream. Is this expected? If so, then I think I would need to call submit_tool_outputs_stream recursively and risk the AI doing an infinite loop