Assistant api response taking too much time(5-10 min , sometimes not give response after a long wait )

HI @logankilpatrick ,i am using assistant api for generating BPMN workflow, code interpreter, and retrieval both tools I am using. why it is too slow? it is taking 5-10 minutes. I am continuously checking the run status and it is taking too much time, some just stopped, and no status showing.

Anyone facing slow assistant API response?

Ongoing issues with assistants API + Code Interpreter for the last few days. Observing the same thing with runs getting cancelled or not completing, or taking several minutes to complete while it used to take 30-45 seconds in the past against the same files attached to the assistant.

This latency issue over the last week is not systematic, but it happens frequently.

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yes, mainly I am also facing problems with code interpreter. When status failed some times it is because of rate limit error