Assisntant issue with JSON data

Hi there,
i’ve this task: given a JSON with a list of forum topics (a discourse forum like this one) find the most relevant answer to the question.

I’ve build up an Assistant for retrieval with this instruction (translated with google):

In the file you have available there is a list of discussions in JSON format. For each topic try to understand what the question is and what the solution is given. Only trust answers provided by users designated as veterans or moderators. If you find an answer marked as conclusive, consider it the most reliable of all, otherwise try to understand what the most correct answer might be.
Process only three topics at a time to limit the workload.

For each topic try to understand what the question is and what the correct answer is. Proceed incrementally for each topic you find in the file and return the result in this format: [ { “id”:<topic_id>, Question": , “Answer”:<correct_answer> } ] Perform this check for all the typics of the file until you get to the bottom.

The JSON file uploaded is a list of element like this one:

{"topic_id": 40010, "content": [{"user_name": "###########", "text": "Buongiorno, \nla cliente ha fuso pi\u00f9 DDT...poi in fase di fatturazione elettronica ha inserito il numero ordine del cliente.\nLa fattura viene scartata con:\n![image|690x243](upload://lVt5yRuMcqCeRXZEp9H2iNefsyG.png)\n\nNon capisco cosa non vada nel file:\n![image|419x377](upload://n1Ulmr6yugyIFQWIOll6ft5V8qP.png)\n\nIl rosso la fusione dei DDT in giallo quello inserito da lei (ordine di origine del cliente)\nIl file esce cos\u00ec\n![image|402x500](upload://igTeNqjyuFwDOXVsSbRwU6ImM3C.png)\n\n\nGrazie \nMaura", "is_moderator": false, "is_admin": false, "is_staff": false, "trust_level": 2, "accepted_answer": false}, {"user_name": "##############", "text": "Buongiorno,\nritengo che l'errore sia dovuto al fatto che i riferimenti ai numeri linea degli ordini sono fuori dalla sezione <DatiOrdineAcquisto>\n\nsotto esempio corretto\n![image|551x385](upload://jxafgHRKppYxXlSOELk3f7Bbres.png)", "is_moderator": false, "is_admin": false, "is_staff": false, "trust_level": 2, "accepted_answer": false}, {"user_name": "###############", "text": "Buongiorno,\nil cliente ha semplicemente messo in fase di creazione fattura nei riferimenti esterni il riferimento all'ordine, non pu\u00f2 specificare le righe...(anche se in questo caso si riferiva all'intera fattura).\nGrazie\nMaura", "is_moderator": false, "is_admin": false, "is_staff": false, "trust_level": 2, "accepted_answer": false}]},
{ .... },
{ .... }

The problem is that the Assistant seems to have problem processing the file and it alwasy answare something like that (tryed only in the Playground):

I’m sorry, but it appears there was a problem rendering the contents of the document. I cannot view the contents of the document as expected.

What’s the best practice to do that?

Ciao Gianluca,

Did you enabled Retrieval? On my end, everything appears to be functioning correctly with both versions 3.5-1106 and 4-1106.

Additionally, I would suggest sending a single element of the list to the model at a time, in a programmatically (and modify the prompt accordingly)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ciao Matteo,
yes i’ve enabled Retrieval and yes, with single element it works like a charm.
I was wondering if passing one element at a time could be a solution…now i think i must give it a try :slight_smile: