Assistants API is not considering the entire input JSON file while answering questions

I’m using chatgpt assistants API (retrieval). I have uploaded a file and passed the fileId to the thread and then if I run the thread, it is not considering the entire JSON file while answering the questions.

Also which is the best file format to upload and ask answers from. Uploading CSV file with assistants api for retrieval is not working.

If I have a JSON file, the key values can be different from what the user may ask from because the JSON file contains data of a table. let’s say in the JSON, it will have orderName key and I will show as ‘Order Name’ in the table. so user will ask questions based on the Order Name, so how can I ask the chatgpt api to recognize it. Is there a way by which I can better do this?

Hi there - the retrieval tool is best used when it makes sense to “search” the file for information. If you’d always like the full contents of the file to be used by the assistant, you should put the full file in the context of the model (e.g. you can create a message with the full content of the json file).